What to watch out for

What to watch out for

Let's talk about the lowdown on how to spot if you're playing tag with type 1 diabetes. I spilled the beans a few blogs back about how I found out, but for those who stumbled upon my ramblings on the web, here's the info on the symptoms to watch out for:

  • Constantly Tired:
    • Feeling like a walking zombie? I get it, growth spurts and all, but if you're dragging yourself around 24/7, consider checking for other signs too.
  • Mysterious Weight Drop:
    • Shedding pounds without trying? If your body's tapping into fat and muscle for fuel due to sugar processing issues, and you're not on a secret workout grind, it's time to hit up a doctor.
  • Peeing Marathon:
    • Hitting the bathroom like it's an Olympic sport? Your body's trying to flush out that extra sugar through your pee.
  • Thirst Quencher Mode:
    • Always reaching for the water bottle? Blame it on the excessive peeing – your body's screaming for hydration.
  • Eating Like There's No Tomorrow:
    • Hungry 24/7, yet dropping weight? Your body's shouting for more fuel, even though it's struggling to create the energy it needs.

So, if you're dealing with one or more of these symptoms, don't play it cool – hit up a doctor. Missing the memo on type 1 diabetes can lead to some serious issues in your bloodstream. Cue stomach pains, vomiting, breathing struggles, and worst-case scenario, you might just check out of consciousness. Doctors call this DKA, or diabetic Ketoacidosis – not a club you want VIP access to.

Once you're on the doctors radar, they'll hit you with a blood test to check that sugar level. If it's spiking, type 1 diabetes might be crashing your party.

Now, if you get the type 1 diabetes label, buckle up for the hospital pit stop. They're gonna work on getting your blood sugars back in the game. Next on the journey for us teens? A date with an Endocrinologist. Stay tuned for the deets on that adventure in the next blog sesh. Until next time!

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