Carb Count. Insulin. Eat. Repeat.

Carb Count. Insulin. Eat. Repeat.

Now that I’m home from my second Clinic rendezvous, and let me tell you, it was a knowledge overload. The squad – Holly, Paige, Jo, and Dr. Coles – they broke it down into bite-sized pieces so I could wrap my head around it. And bonus, they threw in the "call us anytime" card, 'cause, you know, ain't nobody got time to remember everything from the first meeting.

So, by the end of the pow-wow with my dream team, here's the 411 I scooped up:

  • New Gig Alert:
    • My mission? Keep tabs on my blood sugar so I can decode what's up and decide on the treatment move.
  • Foodie with a Twist:
    • Eating game stays the same, but here's the kicker – gotta roll with insulin to tackle the sugar from the eats.
  • Insulin 101:
    • There ain't just one type of insulin in the game. I'm looking at two different players here. More later.
  • Needle Party:
    • Brace yourselves – injecting insulin is about to become a daily affair, like four or five times a day kinda deal.

Now, quick disclaimer: Needles don't freak me out. I'm not throwing a fit when I know there's an injection on the horizon, but I get it – it's a quick pinch, and then we're back to business. But the idea of giving myself four or five shots a day? That's gonna take some getting used to, no doubt.

Stay tuned for more updates as I navigate this new normal. Until next time!

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