And the tech is outta the movies…

And the tech is outta the movies…

Currently, I'm rocking the Libre Freestyle 2, and even though I’ve had one for 6 months they have already made huge upgrades.  When I started out with this I had to actually hold my phone up to the sensor to get a reading, now with some fancy software changes, it gives me my blood sugar numbers all the time.  And I'm crossing my fingers for that Freestyle 3 upgrade, which sounds like it will be even smaller. The recent update with the constant feed is seriously mind-blowing. It makes me realize how fortunate I am to be a kid with diabetes now. I mean, go back 20 years, and the tech we have today? You'd be lucky if you had a flip phone, let alone a diabetes gadget. Imagine dealing with this in the 1800s or the Renaissance – talk about a tough gig.

There are other monitors and apps that can help with your numbers.  I won’t even get into pumps just yet, as my team at the clinic says I may have to go a year before I can do the pump thing.  It does make me deal with carbs and insulin full on but I think a pump would be a good thing when the time comes. 

The Libre app is sweet, and the tech itself is pretty painless, at least for me.  You can find out more on Libre  2 here at the abbott site , they are the folks who make them.

The clinic gave me the names of a number of apps I could use.  We started with one called Ypsomed  which did an amazing job of counting carbs for my mealtime insulin.  You can google it.  You don’t need to pay for it, it’s free. 

More recently though we found an app called Gluroo  which is awesome on a new level.

I will spend some time writing a whole blog on Gluroo later.

Until next time!

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